Hoodies are back

But let's be honest- were they really ever gone? 

But let's be honest- were they really ever gone? 

As we take a turn into February, I think we can all agree our closet selection is slowly dwindling with the degrees. Slipping into the later winter months, every option seems to shrink with possibilities. The patched denim and layers of sweaters and leather jackets once so exciting to break out at the end of fall turn into the most basic piece of clothing that you can put on in a few short months.

When you just want to put on your sweatpants and drag your knuckles on the ground into the office because you can't take another day of your green army jacket, now you kind of can. Hoodies have turned into a fashion staple. To what we owe this amazing turn of events, I can't tell you, but let's all throw our hoodies over our heads before the fashion gods decide otherwise. Even though you all know how to put dress yourselves, let me show you.

I can't answer where this trend popped up (Kendall or Gigi or Hailey, etc. I'm sure), but I can tell you how to wear a hoodie to look like it was on purpose rather than the thing you grabbed off your floor after tearing your eyeballs out staring at your closet for 23 minutes.

Most of this answer involves some type of awesome jacket. Trend setters I've seen sporting this overcompensate for the causal base layer of their outfit. Have a grey hoodie? Try a leopard print fur jacket over top.

What's more luxe than fur? Mix extravagance with the I'm so busy being awesome that I just came from the gym hoodie and your look screams effortless cool. Maybe not screams because there's nothing effortless or cool about that, but more of side whispers to the people walking past that you could be the kind of person who goes to Turks and Caicos on holiday. Certainly not the type of person who cries tears of closet boredom. More of the person who can rock the thing most people wear as lounge wear.

Happy Friday. Your weekend uniform just got an update whether you knew it or not. 

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