Embroidered jeans are butterfly clips of 2017

You know you had them and loved/hated them. 

You know you had them and loved/hated them. 

If you were ever a child or at least a child in the 90's you remember butterfly clips. Small, plastic things that probably cost .0002 cents, but were priceless in your heart and banned you from the cool kids table in the eyes of your classmates if you didn't have them.

If you didn't attempt to do fake cornrows in your hair by twisting your hair and clipping the ends with butterfly wings, then you're lying. Not once did I succeed in this hairstyle, no matter the hours I tried in front of the mirror before school- carefully parting my hair down every row and dousing my hair in hairspray. Without fail, every single wing let me down and ended up falling out by the time I made it on the bus because the clips' teeth were more limp than the jaws of a small bunny.

Thank God we are beyond that stage, right?

BUT GUESS WHAT. It is 2017 and maybe we aren't. This might be the year you get to bring back the 90's.

Jk they're already back, but you can now participate in the butterfly clip-like trend that is embroidered denim. Like the cool, clear glittery butterfly clips that were top-tier hair decor, embroidered denim is the new pants the cool kids are wearing. The more colorful and the more it covers your jeans, the better.

If you want to be like me, wear a cool hat and warm coat because it's cold out, and also for dramatic effect when you unzip your coat so you can yell at people, "DON'T YOU LIKE MY COOL JEANS??".  I also chose to wear glitter socks (to harken back to the glitter clips, obvi) and cheetah print shoes because if you're trying to be extra in the spirit of butterfly clips circa 1998 for 2017, a la Giuseppe for Zayn, you really can't go too far.

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