Funk It Up

  No, I am not Bruno Mars, but let's do this.


No, I am not Bruno Mars, but let's do this.

Living in the artic tundra (okay, not really, but still), I pile on as many layers as possible in the winter months. Bundling up can mean loosing style, and on more than one occasion I have found myself whispering to the fashion gods: "I'm sorry for what I wore when I was cold". But have no fear, here are some things you can put on yourself in true Lady in Menswear style. 

Saying that the 90's are back is an understatement, so try galavanting in these threads as much as possible before the over saturation trickles down too far. Also, I was born in the 90's and didn't get to fully embrace this trend as one to six year old.

Black leather jackets are a gift from the fashion gods mentioned above and can and should be worn at all possible opportunities. They will never go out of style (but don't quote me on that). James Dean wore one, Zayn Malik wears one, and so can you. In the same respect: black skinnies. Enough said. An oversize sweater can be worn underneath all this black and tie a flannel around your waist for a true #tbt. Skater shoes work with this to lighten up all the layers. 


TJ Maxx backpack/purse, thrifted sweater, Kohl's leather jacket & flannel.

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