Boyfriend or boyfriend jeans?

To give an answer to the above question, you shouldn't have to pick. Before you cry out unfairness, I just want to say life isn't fair, but also no I did not pose a trick question. 

I'm speaking up for all the fashion forward girls who seemingly have to choose each season to dress for themselves or for their significant other. The question this May as we emerged from the arctic hibernation we like to call winter and as the temperatures rose, was to please our bottom halves or other humans' eyeballs. Yes, I'm calling you out boyfriend jeans.

Whoever decided to tell the fashion universe that loose fitting, ripped and breezy jeans were going to be THE THING this spring, I applaud you. They are comfy, don't suck the life out of you, and give off a perfect "who cares?" attitude we all try to embody for the middle of July heat, when trying too hard is just trying too hard. 

The issue is the fact that tight fitting jeans have been a symbol of sexiness as of late, and loose jeans contradict this accepted notion. Me, I'm rooting "strong is the new sexy", "athleisure is the new casual" and for the underdog of boyfriend jeans, "loose is the new tight". 

What's your top pick?


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