How to Travel

Happy Labor Day weekend babes.

Happy Labor Day weekend babes.

In honor of life this upcoming weekend and our impending doom called the last weekend celebration of summer, I'm telling you all how to travel. 

And no, not how to buy a plane ticket, fly to Europe and fall in love, because I'm sure that's something all you instagrammers have figured out by now. But how to travel the right way in life. As in comfort. As is not wearing heels to the airport.

Take a look at the above and below photos and I'm sure you can classify me under another hipster gurl who thinks she knows something about life. 

Before you do, I'll just admit it. I have traveled to states of the here United America, but also London by aforementioned flight and Paris by bus. I don't claim to be a world traveler but I have some experience navigating, more specifically, the airport terminal when you realize the poor soul who's luggage broke all over the conveyer belt is you. But more on that later. I am a semi hipster gurl living life, but maybe the reason there's so many of us is that we actually know what we're talking about? Hmmm...

So without further ado, here's my travel essentials: 

1. Converse or some other flat type of shoe you can actually run in. 
Who actually dresses up/wear heels in the airport. Like kudos to you because you're at least an 80% more attractive traveler than me. But who can run across the airport when they have a fast connection. Um, me. 

2. A beverage and snack. 
My choice would be coconut water and trail mix because you can't really sustain on 4 pretzels and some water. Okay you could but who wants to. Plus both are more delicious and nutritious. Your mom will be proud. 

3. Reading material. 
I chose Nylon magazine because they rock and because I can actually catch up on trends and read feature peices longer than why celebrities are just like us! Also a good book because when else are you going to disconnect and stare at actual paper. 

4. A cute carry-on bag. 
To shove all your shit in obvi. 

5. A phone and headphones. 
Let's not think too hard about this one. You need a phone for life now a days and also so you can jam out to Taylor Swift without annoying your seatmate and sneak in that Instagram pic when the flight attendant isn't looking. 

6. Comfortable clothing that also tells the world you know how to dress without trying to hard. 
Because while you can't beat the girl in heels, you can look only 20% worse than her, and tell her "I read Vogue too" without actually speaking through your chic joggers, crop top, and Saint Laurent leather jacket. 

These tips may not be your own but you may adopt them to be your own or tell me why you have better ones in the comments below. 

Happy holiday weekend, you travelers you. Don't get too sunburn. Or do. But definitely do drink a coconut water spiked with something for me. 


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