Did you buy that with all those holes?

Why yes, yes I did.

Why yes, yes I did.

If you're not your 56-going-on-90-year-old uncle who you only see on Thanksgiving, you probably don't ask someone if they "bought those jeans with all those holes??" because you know- yes they did. Of course they did. Unless you are really just that cool and the holes are made a la natural from all the hopping on motorcycles and hanging out with Zoe Kravitz you do. In that case, who are you?? Comment below because I want to be your friend. But if you are like the rest of us (still cool, just not THAT cool), you also probably love clothes with holes in them right now.

There's something about distressed denim that gives an edge to any outfit you wear and any piece of clothing that you pair it with. For me, distressed denim achieves the perfect balance of imperfection in my style. I love outfits that look effortless, and adding in ripped jeans or a worn down jacket simply imply to the outside onlooker that I didn't try too hard putting it together- even if I spent an extra 28 minutes in front of the mirror cursing my closet. Attitude is half the secret to the style of an outfit, and the confidence you get from wearing something that's roughed up or uniquely yours puts a little extra strut in your step.

And we could all use more strut. The world is your runway and all that jazz. If you like to be extra, because who doesn't, try adding a distressed jacket with a quote on it to your beat up skinny jeans to make for some fun, next holiday parties.

I leave it to you bike riders, cowboys, cowgirls, It Girls and Zoe Kravitz's best friend, to inspire the world to keep on ripping up their clothes. Because its a lot more fun and who knows, maybe one day dressing the part will pay off and you really will be THAT cool.

I'm still crossing my fingers. Here's hoping.


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