The Elements of Holiday Dressing

How to dress for the sand or earth or air or fire or water. 

How to dress for the sand or earth or air or fire or water. 

Like the elements of the earth, dressing for holidays, especially those in the dead of summer where you can usually find yourself surrounded by water, sand and drinks being thrown, might prove difficult to live with at one time. If you were thinking babies or drunk humans during that last sentence, the answer is correct to both. 

The first step to any battle is to find your base layer. The item you put on first that you then layer other clothing items, necklaces, hair ties and the kitchen sink onto to equal an outfit fit for war. I chose a striped, red ribbed knit dress because what says HOLIDAY better than a dress, and what screams AMERICA better than red stripes. Plus no pants is always a good thing. Also a white lace bralette is like an cute version of sweatpants for the upper half of your body. So go for it. 

Next up is the outer layer. The layer that protects you when afore-mentioned drunk human, baby or earth, wind or fire decides to come a little too close for comfort. Throw on a metallic sweatshirt because even though you know deep down fireworks could never outshine you, why not prove it? This is a shiny H-O-L-I-D-A-Y so let's dress for it. 

Don't forget to at least stare at the water or swim in it, or be like one of these cool people and float in your sailboat in it. 

SHOES. Everyone's (okay, my) favorite part of getting dressed. July 4 is a great day to don white and ankle boots for (have you been paying attention?) protection from the elements, and you also can't wear glitter socks with flip flops. Enough said. 

 Last but definitely not least is your armor- accessories. Some larger than life sunglasses because who wants to wear makeup? Oh yeah, and sun protection. Fasten a red bandana around your wrist reminiscent of your neighbor's golden retriever's neck, because seriously picture that and tell me it doesn't scream USA. #armparty

You are now ready for battle. Happy 4th everyone. Go get em. 

boots by Cat Footwear

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