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source: net-a-porter It's our turn to do the cheering for pom-poms. 

source: net-a-porter

It's our turn to do the cheering for pom-poms. 

If you were one of those people who rocked uniforms and short skirts on Friday nights in high school, this one's for you. And if you didn't- this one's also for you. Win-win.

A good majority of who's who in the fashion realm that reigns over the kingdom we call the internet can be seen with something you might not have glimpsed since the time you had braces and wished that cool football player would let you wear his jersey- pom-poms.

Yes, the fluffy ball that you, if like me in your school days, merely observed being tossed around at sporting events after a brief stint in the sport of cheerleading. When they told me I had to match everyone else, yell and wear massive ribbons in my hair, (I know, what was I expecting??) I excused myself to a better suited position on the sidelines wearing a thrifted plaid shirt and cutoff jeans- a decision I'm sure everyone fully supported.

But who doesn't see a pom-pom and instantly feel better about life? I'm not talking let's-relive-your-glory-days-Rachel-Greene kind of happy, I'm talking I-want-to-touch-that-because-it's-fluffy kind of happy.

Let's review the pom-pom's lifecycle, shall we? No? Too bad, because here we go.

Exhibit A: The obvious, classic rendition of the pom-pom- known best for cheering on sports teams and impressing Joshua on the sixteenth episode of the forth season of Friends AKA "The One With The Fake Party" (you're welcome for saving the search on Netflix).  

Exhibit B: You might be most familiar with pom-poms in their original form meant for your cute pencil holder in first grade, scrapbook from fifth grade, and we both know you made a shitty DNA sculpture out of these and popsicle sticks for your sophomore year chemistry class. 

Exhibit C: Fast forward to about a year ago when celebs like Kylie Jenner were spotted with fluff balls attached to their keys and bags, and then everyone wanted one because everyone wants everything and anything that Kylie Jenner has. Plus, look at them. They're like cute pets you don't have to feed.


Exhibit D: When I really started to take note was when pom-poms kept popping up on people's feet. Sandals with tassels and beads and COLOR. They say "LOOK AT ME I'M COOL" in an in-your-face way that makes you suddenly notice they are on all feet in your face except your own feet, and wonder why don't have a pair yet to immediately dance off into the Moroccan sunset with them swishing at your ankles. FOMO at it's finest. 


Exhibit E: Everywhere. Pom-poms are everywhere, on everything. After a long drought of normcore fashion, with Yeezy-inspired neturals and basics, this feels like a breath of fresh air after almost drowning in beige, oversize hoodies. I can't help but wonder- what do they not look great on?? So far, the answer is NOT necklaces, big chairs, blankets, bracelets, rings, socks, shoes or hair ties. 

So I'll leave that up to you. What do you think about the pom-pom trend? Can it do no wrong?

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