Day 12 of New Year's Resolutions

T minus 353 days 

T minus 353 days 

With the New Year fully underway, the end of 2017 is about to sneak up on all of us. I know. It’s only January, but remember just a few weeks ago at the end of the holiday season 2016, when we were left scratching our heads, wondering what happened to those days in between last year's and this year's cold weather? 

To answer that question, I probably forgot I was supposed to be “doing productive things” while laying on the beach, drink in hand and also while buried underneath the other dimension that is Netflix Bingeing and Bed.  

But no more! Like any well-meaning American, I made New Years Resolutions because what better way to start a fresh year than with empty promises to yourself. Mostly kidding. But not really.

Every year, I seem to make resolutions to myself and then forget what I said halfway into February when life gets in the way. The year of 2017, I am changing that. Or trying to, starting with these declarations:

1.     Actually work on my blog more. And here we are. Look at me multitasking. But saying this and doing it are two different things. So I have plans. On actual days with actual people or just myself, and scheduled time for how often I need to bully myself to get my shit together to make this happen.

2.     Follow a work out plan. *Gag* so cliché. I do go to the gym most days, but this does not mean I am effective when there. I need to remind myself the gym doesn’t work magically by osmosis, giving you abs for how much time you put in, and that you have to actually lift those things called weights.

3.     Start personal shopping. This stems back to my need for some extra cash money but also my love for dressing people. Details to follow.

4.     Start a bookshelf. I thought after graduating college I would have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to do fun things, like read books I wouldn’t be tested on. Then I went and got myself a grown up job and feel like I’m 82 after 7 pm some days, burrowed in a couch burrito and watching Friends. Remember when I used to stay up past 10 pm? I don’t. Can someone come by from time to time and slap the warm tea out of my hands and remind me I am 23? My plan is to read every night before I go to bed. Party.

5.     Obviously, I want to travel as much as I possibly can because who doesn’t. I’m jealous of all these Instagram models. If you’re reading this, teach me your ways.

6.     Follow a Budget. I didn’t mean to save the worst for last, but here it is. Rent, food, and those Zara pants I neeeeed have previously demolished any good intentions I have in this arena. Let’s be honest, I am failing miserably at this one so far, but I have plans to write down everything I spend and stop buying fruit cups for $89 because it’s easier than cutting up my own, etc. etc.

There ya have it. Do you have any tips for keeping New Years promises? I’m staying positive because it’s January, the unofficial month of national optimism. But also please wish me luck and send advice. I’m going to need it.

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