Denim Uniform

Throwing it back to Brit and JT. Bringing sexy back? I'll let you decide. 

Throwing it back to Brit and JT. Bringing sexy back? I'll let you decide. 

The mornings when you have nothing to wear like literally nothing, even though your closet's full of clothes, are inevitable. Or you can wake up and wish you could just wear sweatpants, which you could, but unfortunately that's not always socially acceptable. I present to you the Denim Uniform. 

This is also great when you don't like colors. Or really when you don't like thinking. Like at 5 am when your alarm causes you physical pain, and when there are usually thoughts of Rodarte dresses running through your head, only a blank spot of closing your eyes remains. Denim and denim- could putting together pieces of an outfit be any more easily laid out for you? The answer is no. 

Ankle boots are just as easy to slip on with eyes still closed, although you might want to keep two hands out for sharp objects and one free for coffee. The hand clutching coffee can be adorned with as many rings as you can fit on them which screams FANCY without actually screaming because it's 5 am and loud voices are not welcome (also because rings can't actually scream). 

Floppy hats are always fashionable, well at least right now, and putting one on your head provides you with another excuse to scream FANCY while also not doing your hair. Also big sweaters. Win win win. 

So here's to mornings where what you put in your body (like caffeine in IV form) seems like a more pressing issue than what you put on it. Shocking, I know, but we all know that's not true. So drag out your denim and march one foot in front of the other. We're still working on the caffeine IV. 


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