How to DIY Barcelona

So I know what you're thinking: I promised a DIY Barcelona and now you want to know how to travel and/or live there for mere pennies like some three step craft you can find on the shelves of your local Micheals. 

Sorry. Not going to happen.

Before you cry out in frustration, you too can stand in front of a concave tiled wall and attire yourself in the following wardrobe.

This outfit doubles as an easy summer proof option as it will give you room to frolic around outside and dance in streets by your nearest Spanish restaurant, ignoring the stares of non fashion following muggles while staying cool.

Throwing your hair up takes the time out of doing it, as well as shows off a bigger pair of earrings. Cheers to hair and accessories that make it look like you actually tried when in reality you didn't feel like straightening your hair in this heat wave we call July. 

A striped t-shirt will scream France, and who doesn't want to be there, but I did promise a few countries over, so put your legs in a slit floral maxi or midi skirt, and you'll be a step closer. Add turquoise rings to every finger, and you'll hear the cobblestones, titled architecture, and music calling your name. 

A strappy something seems necessary for Spain, and wearing black heeled sandals could be your Cinderella moment. Put some on your feet to complete your outfit and you might meet your Prince Charming. Or rather, a very kind stranger who gives you a ticket to Spain. 

Good luck. 


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