On the border

Want to know what to wear when the only motivation have is for a creative outfit is crawling out of bed and dragging the comforter with you? You could be telling everyone around you this is the new je ne sais quoi, you just don't know it yet, meanwhile sipping on a latte only feeling slightly guilty for looking like this on public transportation.

Or you could grab a poncho, which is basically a blanket, but one the fashion world has recently dubbed completely acceptable to wear down the street. Put on another neutral sweater underneath and it's DOUBLE SWEATERS, which let's face it, is a lot more convenient than even your down comforter. For an extra comfort factor, I've added basic black leggings, a head wrap, and some gold jewelry, and wah la! you look AND feel like a million bucks.

H&M sweater, Cejon poncho, Claire's headband, Cat Footwear shoes.

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