I wouldn't be surprised if a millenial never wore a blazer again

source: tumblr

First things first, we can all admit that girl is rocking that blazer and embracing "lady in menswear", so no, this is not a declaration of my aversion of all things blazer-esque. Give me a good loose menswear inspired blazer and I'll love you forever. Or a structured one over a shift dress. (As long as I'm somewhat unrestricted and can stretch my arms above my head, I'm happy is what we can all obviously take away from this).

Anyways. Enough about my style choices, but more about them later, I'm sure.

Blazers to the millenial generation, or more specifically, the women's pantsuit that was once embraced around the 60's as the coolest happening to business, are a symbol of conformity. That women can't wear what's fashionable and classy without trying to copy exactly what men have been wearing to work for the past decades of years.

Millenials are about doing what they want to do. To be more exact, comfort. The "me" generation and all that. Yes, maybe we are selfish and stubborn, demanding that we wear anything we so choose to adorn our bodies with, but why is this considered to wrong? To take a stand and take back our clothing to give uniqueness and expression to the workplace; to identify us as individuals.

I'm not saying a girl can't rock a pantsuit every now and then, just that she should be able to decide to. The younger generation won't be caught dead in a Hillary Clinton-esque frock, and frankly I'm glad that tide is shifting.


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